Fort Worth-Dallas Accelerates Texas Economic Engine

The dynamism of the northern region of that state attracts large firms, opens up business opportunities for firms and maintains an upward trend in urbanization and employment supply.

Fort Worth, Texas. The pace of growth in North Texas has made that region one of the most dynamic in the U.S. economy and encourages more business, more trade, more employment and greater development of the economy, which generates business or job opportunities for companies and professionals. The owner of James Kate Roofing & Construction voted best roofing company in Arlington TX, was kind enough to give us a tour of their new construction project going on right now in Frisco Texas, because of the North Dallas explosion of new homes and apartments!

It is one of the most dynamic economic regions of the country, which opens opportunities for business and growth in employment, especially in sectors such as information technology, Silicon Valley companies have found in northern Texas better conditions to develop their projects, services and food processing.

As a result of the economic bonanza, the Fort Worth-Dallas conurbation is one of the most dynamic in demographics and is already among the top five conurbations in the United States. In that context, large firms from that and other countries are turning to Fort Worth as an option to settle their headquarters and several have already changed their corporate domicile to that city.

The state has aggressive incentive programs, especially fiscal ones, to attract investors. Geographically it is the navel of the NAFTA region because it is located right in the center, and coupled with it has a very competitive communications and transportation infrastructure, which facilitates the movement of people and goods.

Fort Worth, Texas is a city of growth, change, and dynamic resilience. Its strategic position and close proximity to the Fort Worth International Airport make it a popular destination for a number of Fortune 500 companies, and its revitalized downtown area is a fine example of superb urban planning.

It is no wonder, then, why so many professionals have chosen to call this Texas City home. The many technologies and industries that thrive in the pro-business climate of this city, and the excellent value of Fort Worth real estate, are just two of the reasons why Fort Worth continues to grow and thrive.

Fort Worth real estate is varied and quite affordable, which explains why there is an influx of gated communities within the region. Many of these gated communities offer exceptional real estate and loads of amenities and services for their residents

Selecting a Tree Service Company in North Dallas

The experts who have been in Tree Service business in North Dallas for many years and have gained loads of experience in this Industry are usually the best to meet your requirements. However, through this article, we would discuss some of the ways which you will find helpful while choosing your tree service company.

First of all, let us start by discussing the myth often people have regarding a certified Arborist. The first thing people would look for while selecting a Tree Service service company would be to find out whether the company has a Certified Arborist. Now we will go one step further in this and tell you a trade secret. Most of the companies in North Dallas do have certified Arborists but are they actually on your site doing the job for you? 8 out of 10 times the answer would be no. So rather just finding whether a Tree Service company has certified Arborists, we need to ensure that the job is also undertaken by the same qualified person and not by someone who might be under training.

Secondly, you must also understand the risks involved in picking up a telephone directory and starting your selection process from there. There is a high possibility that you would be attracted towards bright and flashy advertisements and end up calling someone who might not be the best for your job in hand. A better way of doing this would be getting in touch with the Business Bureau and explaining them your requirements and making recommendations regarding which company would be more suitable to handle such kind of job. It is also a good idea to check for past complaints of a company in North Dallas that you might be considering for the job from the Bureau. The companies in North Dallas which have a history of complaints should be avoided.

Another good way to start your selection process could be using the internet. I live in Fairview Texas for example (which is really more like McKinney, Tx) so found several McKinney tree service companies when doing a quick google search. Ya, that simple just make sure to check out their reviews etc.. There are many regional websites wherein you can find profiles for different companies, details regarding their past jobs, customer problems etc. After carefully studying different options available, you can select the few for further scrutiny. However, one drawback of such websites could be that they might not be completely free and you might have to pay a small registration fee to get access to their data bank. Still spending a few dollars is better if it helps you avoid a potential loss of thousands of dollars. These websites would also give you access to many other suppliers of different product and services which you might use in near future.

Lastly, it is recommended to stay away from companies who you feel tend to hard sell themselves and rush you in taking a decision. You should take your time while choosing your tree service company in North Dallas as you both are going to hang on to each other for quite some time.

Top Office Space Buildings in Downtown Dallas

The Comercia Bank Tower

One of the most well-known downtown Dallas office spaces is the Comercia Bank Tower. Located on Main Street, this Class AA office building is situated on 1.8 acres in Dallas’ Central Business District. When it comes to downtown Dallas office space, the Central Business District is unsurpassed. For many businesses, the Comercia Bank Tower is a symbol of success and professionalism, which is why this Dallas tower is so highly desirable.

The Comercia Bank Tower, which was built in 1987, features 1.7 million square feet, is 60 stories tall, and has about 24,000 rentable square feet. There are currently about 48 companies renting space in the Comercia Bank Tower.

The Comercia Bank Tower boasts two parking areas, which includes both reserved and unreserved parking. There is also an off-site garage that features climate-controlled, pedestrian walkways. The combined parking for the Comercia Bank Tower totals 1,530 parking spaces. There are also an additional 3,000 parking spaces within a two-block radius of the tower.

The Comercia Bank Tower features 24/7 security, and the building and its grounds are monitored with more than 60 cameras.

Here is our list of the top executive office buildings in the surrounding area:

North Haskell Avenue – This downtown Dallas office space is within a landmark office tower. Located at the highly visible corner of Haskell and Central Expressway, this downtown Dallas office building is an executive suite center and is conveniently located near all major roadways and a DART light rail station.

Maple Avenue – This prime office building is located in Uptown Dallas, and is close to a number of hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Many of the office spaces in this Maple Avenue building are fully furnished and equipped.

Crescent Court – Crescent Court is an executive center located in one of Turtle Creek’s landmark buildings. It is a popular choice for many companies because it is ideally located near the major freeways and public transportation systems.

Las Colinas Embassy Office Building– Office space in Las Colinas doesn’t come much better than the Las Colinas Embassy office building. This office building is just minutes away from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and many of the executive office suites are fully furnished and equipped. In addition, this Las Colinas office building features free parking.

Turtle Creek Boulevard – Located in this highly desirable Turtle Creek section of Dallas, this Turtle Creek Boulevard office building features three floors of underground parking, a concierge service, and even an on-site deli. This business center also features business support services and facilities.

Tips on Finding The Right Buyer For Your Business in Dallas

If you are considering selling your small business (worth $10 Million and below), and you’re wondering where buyers will come from, here are a few tips. First, remember that there are several things you need to do to attract your target buyer, and ensure the deal is satisfactory – for you the seller, and the buyer as well. These include, but are not limited to, making sure your financials are clean, with easy to trace owner’s compensation line items; sound managerial practices are used in the day to day running of the business, and so on.

Your buyers can come from several buyer pools as highlighted below.

1) Displaced Executives. In my book Exit, I refer to buyers coming out of corporate America as “Displaced Executives.” The vast majority of small business buyers leave corporate careers to become first-time business buyers. They become operators of the business they purchase and are normally looking to replace their lost income stream. Due to their income motivation, these buyers are typically the most aggressive buyer group and will pay the highest justifiable price.

2) Competitors and Vendors. A competitor can accomplish two things in purchasing another business in their arena: one, they can grow through acquisition and, at the same time, eliminate a competitor. In my experience, competitors or vendors within the same industry are not willing to pay top dollar for a target acquisition. Competitors take a hard look at the goodwill value of the target company, which is often to the detriment of the seller.

3) Existing Employees. The old adage, “The solution many times is right in front of your nose” suffices here. A key employee certainly will know the business, the customers and suppliers, and is a logical choice to take over the company. However, key employees don’t always become good leaders/owners. Many owners feel obligated to offer the business to their key employees before looking for outside buyers.

4) Investment Groups. Often referred to as Private Equity Groups, this buyer pool is always on the lookout for suitable acquisitions for their investors. These groups usually have no interest in running the company and often want the seller to stay on in the same capacity. The acquisition becomes an additional investment for the partner’s portfolio which typically has a minimum requirement of $1 million in free cash flow. The investors are usually high net worth individuals wanting to spread their risk by having several firms under their umbrella. Poor returns on stock market investments have dramatically increased this type of buyer group.